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Freedom go to Hell

posted Sep 1, 2011, 11:22 PM by Ember Anne Peyton

Power is the enemy, anarchy is freedom and killing solves everything! This is the call to arms of the Asheville, NC trio, KILLING SOLVES EVERYTHING. Their 13-song debut CD, Freedom go to Hell, is an aural assault of early 80s U.K. style Oi Punk that spits in the face of corruption and the rule of law, with enough So-Cal Pop-Punk influences to have you pogoing all night long. The music is pure, genuine anarcho punk, from a time when the “circle A” was a revolutionary ideal not a “brand” co-opted and sold by corporate America. Killing Solves Everything is a musical Molotov Cocktail hurled at the cultural status quo. The revolution starts on impact!